Health Examination

The assessment your employees are undergoing should be specific towards their workplace.

We offer targeted health examinations based on the hazard exposure relevant at your workplace

Every worker is exposed to noise in some sense. There are rules and regulations on how much noise exposure is tolerated. More importantly is to surveilence the workers hearing to detect any harm, and take action to eliminate it.

Chemicals can cause both acute and chronic health problems. Workers get exposed in different of ways.
– Breathing
– Through skin
– Swallowing
It is hard to keep track of all the different chemicals, and their potential of causing health problems. We are specialized in assessing chemicals, and perform neccessary health assessments to ensure your workers stay healthy.

We divide mechanical vibration into two main categories, with different health hazards.

Whole body vibration
This occures when youre positioned on a surface that is vibrating, for example while driving a big veichel. Doing this every day commonly causes back pain and other muscoskeletal injuries.

Hand-Arm vibration
When working with a tool that vibrates, for example a chain saw or a hammer, it transfers the vibration into your hand. This vibration can cause damage on nerves and small blood vessels in your hand permanently.

Its important to perform regular health assessments if exposed to mechanical vibration. Early identification of symptoms and actions, can save the worker from chronic health problems.

Operations where diving is involved requires precautions to secure the health of the workers. There shall never be any doubt if the worker is fit for diving, if in doubt, medical advice is required. Before doing any work while diving, a health assessment performed by a qualified diving doctor is mandatory. The certificate lasts for 1 year.

Some workers are exposed to biological material that is considered a health hazard. When the hazard is not eliminated by basic hygienic interventions, such as hand hygiene, they shall undergo health assessments to identify any short or long term negative health effect.

There are several types of radiation your worker can be exposed to. Its set limits in the rules and regulations for how much exposure is acceptable of ionizing radiation, artificial opical radiation and electromagnetic radiation. Anyone working in conditions exposure to radiation shall be offered a health assessments to exclude any negative health effects.

Working night shifts can cause extra physical and psychological stress for your workers, making a negative impact on their health.Its important to monitor your night workers health, and they shall be offered a health assessment.

If you’re in need of a regular doctor’s appointment, or any kind of certificate, such as offshore / seafarers.

Our clinic will provide you with an appointment on the same day, if needed.